PRERNA's Approach to Promoting High Quality Intervention Research:

1. Improving Process of Intervention Development and Testing:

  • Good Clinical Practices (GCP) principles applied to all research.

  • Full use of insights from formative research.

  • Adaptive trial designs

  • Population-stratification strategies, tailoring of interventions to key subgroups.

2. Improving Process of Intervention Delivery:

  • Attention to delivery and scaling-up of interventions.

  • Quality-delivery and fuller coverage of target populations.

  • Implementation research carried out together with programs, to ensure that solutions are promptly adopted.

3. Maximizing Data Use:

  • Creating practical data-sharing mechanisms.

  • Harmonized data collection, data management and data documentation

4. Strengthening Institutions to Carry Out Research:

  • Creating a pool of project opportunities for staff.

  • Reducing the risk of interrupted funding.

  • Creating venues for career progression.

  • - Investing in opportunities for capacity development.