Christian Medical College, Vellore

CMC, Vellore consists of a 2700 bed hospital which serves 1.4 million outpatients and 140,000 in-patients annually, in addition to teaching 1200 undergraduate and 800 graduate students and providing primary care to a population of approximately 300,000 with referral facilities at three secondary hospitals as well as the main hospital. Within this system, the Division of Gastrointestinal Sciences has built a spatially enabled demographic surveillance program for a population of 120,000. The platform will facilitate upgradation of data management capacity and enhancement of research skills for special studies.

CMC has maintained demographic surveillance for over 50 years and has been involved in the conduct of observational and interventional studies for several decades. While >90% of ongoing research in the institution is primarily clinically oriented and in the hospitals, at any time there are 30-40 community based research projects which require active engagement and field recruitment and data collection. CMC has been and is engaged in several BMGF funded or supported projects. Processes and policies for institutional approvals, audit and accounting are in place and the latter have been evaluated by KPMG and NIH financial consultants.

CMC has several projects that are relevant to public health and to family health. Clinically and research active faculty from CMC serve on several national and international advisory committees and task forces, some of which are related to public health practice and policy. Participation in these activities will likely inform the direction of research undertaken by the platform and in turn the research will be used to influence policy where relevant. CMC also has a network of secondary hospitals across India where its students serve for a minimum of two years after they complete their medical training. Several of these hospitals are in high morbidity and high mortality areas. Where needed, it may be possible to leverage the network to carry out specific studies.